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Bakugo apologizes to Deku – My Hero Academia chapter 322

After catching and confronting Izuku Midoriya aka Deku at the end of My Hero Academia chapter 321, Bakugo and the class catches up and Katsuki Bakugo does something surprising in My Hero Academia chapter 322.

So the surprising thing here is that despite how tired and beat up he is, Deku still struggles getting away from his classmates and he can barely stand in front of Murder God Dynamight aka Katsuki Bakugo. Rather than beat up his childhood friend Bakugo actually talks to Midoriya.

To him, growing up, he looked down on Deku because he was quirkless but he’s seen time and time again what made Deku a hero, and a worthy candidate for All Might’s One for All.

And he even admits that when they ended up as classmates in UA, he continued to show resentment towards the one person who grew up and knew him extremely well.

Bakugo also bows down in front on Deku, then the latter shortly collapses. This signals his resignation from his previous mindset and a return to his cheerful self. So that means no more Dark Deku anymore.

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2 Responses

  1. Quincy Donaldson says:

    I am surprised that Bakugo apologized to Izuku. I was not expecting that. What I expected was Izuku to continue searching for All for One and Shigaraki alone.

  2. LIa says:

    is bakudeku cannon now?

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