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Kamen Rider Revice official details including main cast and more

Toei recently dropped Kamen Rider Revice official details on the website and its looking to be quite interesting involving demons and a cult and a young man and his siblings trying to stop them.

The new Kamen Rider series will involve a young man named Ikki Igarashi played by Kentaro Maeda making a deal with a demon named Vice to save the world by transforming into Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice. The series antagonist will be called the Dead Man Cult and has been turning humans into demons by awakening their inner demons using a device called Vice Stamps.

Vice will be voiced by Subaru Kimura who was previously heard in Uchu Sentai KyuRanger. In the story, Ikki will also have a supporting team in the form of his siblings Daiji (Wataru Hyuga) and Sakura played by Ayaka Imoto.

Kamen Rider Revice will be written by Hanta Kinoshita while Takayuki Shibasaki will be returning to direct the series. Toei has announced that there will be a Kamen Rider Revice press conference scheduled July 27. According to the website, the new Kamen Rider series is slated to premiere September 5, 2021.

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