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Hirohiko Araki’s Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto’s Giorno Giovanna

Its really nice when manga creators pay tribute to the works and popular characters of their peers like this nice trade between the creator of Naruto and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Check out Hirohiko Araki’s Naruto and Kishimoto’s Giorno from JoJo.

Above you’ll see Hirohiko Araki’s Naruto particularly Naruto during his teen years as seen in Naruto Shippuden.

You can see a lot of trademark stuff that Araki does with his Joestar characters, friends and enemies. I like the pronouned lips he gave Naruto Uzumaki. The eyes are also unmistakably Araki’s artwork.

Then there’s also Kishimoto’s take on Giorno Giovana, the star of Part 5 aka Golden Wind.

Even the stand Gold Experience looks a lot like a summon that Naruto and the other ninjas in that manga call during battle.

So what do you guys think of Hirohiko Araki‘s Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto‘s Giorno Giovanna? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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