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League of Legends action figures from Spin Master Toys

Riot Games will be coming out with their own League of Legends action figures designed and developed by Spin Master.

“Spin Master is excited to collaborate with Riot Games to bring innovation and meticulous attention to detail to the rich characters and unique worlds in League of Legends,” said John Blaney, Spin Master’s Senior Vice President of Licensing. “Our League of Legends lineup will appeal to fans of all ages, delivering high-quality products on the cutting edge. We look forward to delivering enhanced collectability and unique play experiences for the massive global League of Legends fan base both on and offline.”



There will be two versions that will be coming out for the League of Legends action figures collection. There’s going to be a 6-inch scale and a 4-inch scale set. The six inch scale will be called the “Champion Collection” and will feature characters like Thresh, Zed, and Jinx.

The collection features six-inch Collector Figures of the champions Thresh and Zed, Four-Inch Core Figures of Yasuo, Jinx, and Darius, as well as a four-inch Core Figures 5-Pack including Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi, and an exclusive version of Jinx. Each figure is made of premium paint and plastic with over 12 points of articulation and detachable weapons for a variety of different poses.

The League of Legends action figures will launch for pre-sale at Target on July 19 with full distribution in October. What do you guys think of these figures? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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