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Venom # 200 spoilers – Who is the new Venom?

Here’s a Venom # 200 spoilers post from Marvel written by Donny Cates with art by Ryan Stegman and more and this issue answers the question Who is the new Venom?

Venom 200 cover

So in the sftermath of King in Black, Eddie Brock has become reclaimed his Venom symbiote and killed the original god of the symbiotes, Knull and now he’s connected to all the symbiotes in the universe. But it does take a toll on him as its been revealed in Venom # 200 that the constant connection has turned Brock into an old man.

Venom 200

He’s still in control and is actually willing to send Venom to school to join Dylan Brock in school. The issue proves that Brock has outgrown ghe role for now and is slowly introducing a new character to take over the mantle.

On the way home, Venom and Dylan Brock encounter a street crime with Jack o’ Lantern and they try to stop it. Unfortunately for Dylan, a rogue bullet slips pass Venom and hits Dylan.

Venom 200

This forces Venom to merge with the powerless Dylan Brock to become the new Venom, then they proceed to dismember and possibly murder Jack.

Some time later, Venom confronts Eddie and reveal the situation. Eddie doesn’t berate his son and symbiote and instead offers the chance for them to do good as the new Venom.

Eddie promises that Dylan and him will be doing this together, something Eddie didn’t have back when he first became the anti-hero. He also notes the chains in the arms looks different and sets him apart from other Venom hosts of the past.

Venom 200

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