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Call and text your family and friends from all networks with Globe Prepaid’s improved GoUNLI promos

Manila, Philippines; June 2021 –– With the ongoing pandemic and continued social distancing guidelines, our day-to-day may still leave us feeling monotonous, restricted, and disconnected. Luckily, talking to friends and family over the phone helps liven the passing days. 

However, nothing is more frustrating than having to cut short your calls to family and friends just because they are on a different network. But don’t fret, the new and improved GoUNLI promos from Globe now allow you to reach out to your loved ones as much as you want, no matter what network they are on.

In the past, while you could only enjoy unlimited calls to Globe and TM users, now you get unlimited calls and texts to all networks. The improved GoUNLI promo lets you keep checking up on loved ones and chatting with friends about anything under the sun, without stressing about getting charged extra for calling other networks. 

With GoUNLI20, GoUNLI30, GoUNLI50, GoUNLI95, GoUNLI180 or GoUNLI350, you can get unlimited calls to any network for 1 day to as long as 30 days. To sweeten the deal, you even get  additional data that you can use to surf the web, play your favourite mobile games, or stream music and movies — all on top of the unlimited calls and texts..  

For more information on Globe prepaid promos, visit or download the GlobeOne app.

To register, text the promo code to 8080 and stay connected and entertained with Globe! 

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