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Celebrate and Reward Yourself This Father’s Day

Take charge this Father’s Day and get yourself something that you really want and truly deserve. Now’s the time to splurge on a few luxuries and treat yourself for all your dedication and hard work. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas.

Book a staycation 


With everyone just studying and working from home, wouldn’t you like to just get away, even to a nearby town or city? Why not give yourself a staycation treat? It’s the perfect opportunity to leave the house and bring the whole family along to make it a fun shared experience.

Staycations are great because you can still stay safely indoors but in a different environment. Moreover, you can pack light and not spend a lot on travel expenses.

There are plenty of hotel rooms that you can book at discounted rates, and each one observes strict health and safety protocols. Check out https://www.agoda.com/rcbc for local hotel accommodations and home rentals and enjoy up to an additional 7% off when you use your RCBC Bankard. You can even convert your purchases to up to 36 months!

So explore your town or city which you may have overlooked because of the hustle and bustle of life. Disconnect from your devices, sleep in, and order room service. Or you can go enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant nearby. All while wearing your face masks and observing social distancing, of course!

Have a steak or barbecue party at home 


Treat yourself to that Brazilian ribeye or that steak au poivre platter. Order ready-to-eat or ready-to-grill steaks because you deserve it! If you want to mix it up a bit, add in some salmon steaks and mixed seafood, too.

If you haven’t been to your favorite samgyupsal spot in a while, why not order in and have it at home? It’s safer and cheaper. And you can order all the beef and pork slices, side dishes, and dipping sauces that you want.

Take advantage of special offers on that day, like RCBC’s Hexagon Club Father’s day treat where you get 300 pesos off on GrabFood when you use your Hexagon Club Privilege Debit Card or RCBC Bankard Hexagon Club Credit Card for a minimum purchase of 600.

Take a road trip to nowhere 

When it comes to road trips, who says you always need to have a destination? Fill up the car, cue your favorite playlist, and just drive without a specific destination in mind.

This is a great chance for some self-reflection and to get inspired by the beauty of nature. And yes, people.

A road trip is also a terrific way to build new memories with your family and enjoy the view, especially if all of you have been cooped up at home for so long. Re-energize, refresh, and recharge. This is an anything goes kind of trip, so prepare to discover the unexpected and go where Waze or Google Maps takes you!

Buy a bike


A lot of people have discovered the joys and health benefits of biking over the past few months. A new bike will definitely be a worthwhile splurge and good health investment.

There are many bikes in the market that offer value for your money and good overall performance. Whether you’re looking for one that’s trendy and ergonomic or one that’s perfect for smooth city roads or rough terrains, consider safety and longevity, too.

Invest in fitness equipment 


Now more than ever, you’ll realize the importance of taking care of your body and having a healthy lifestyle. If you love your family, you should take better care of yourself, too. You can kick off your health and wellness journey by buying your own exercise equipment.

Go ahead and buy that Star Wars style Onnit kettlebell or those Rogue gymnastic rings. It should keep you motivated to exercise everyday.

While you’re at it, why not purchase that infrared sauna blanket that increases blood flow, releases toxins, and improves metabolism, too? Or that Everlast freestanding heavy bag to unleash your inner Manny Pacquiao?

If you have the space for it in your garage or home gym, a treadmill can also be a good addition to your fitness arsenal.

Enjoy music with some really cool audio devices


Just imagine how great that saxophone track will sound when you play it on that big, bad Bluetooth speaker you’ve been eyeing for a while now. Check out www.stork.ph for the latest gadgets and get up to 47% off on speakers when you use your RCBC Bankard using the promo code STORKRCBC.

Take it anywhere with you ― to the beach, to the car, to the pool, to the kitchen. It’s great for parties and movie marathons, too. So whether it’s a portable speaker or a super-immersive pair of headphones you desire, go ahead and buy yourself one. Enjoy the solid, thumping bass each time.

Buy that cool collectible toy

There may be so many adult responsibilities now, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about the toys you loved or wished to have as a child. Now that you have more spending power, you can finally get that much-coveted Voltes V full action diecast, or that Tosho Daimos Soul of Chogokin action figure. Give yourself these timeless (and very valuable) toys and take a trip down memory lane!

Buy yourself new cooking tools  


If you’re a foodie dad who loves to cook and eat, then you deserve to get the best kitchen tools that will help you whip up the best-tasting dishes. From fine dining meals to Saturday barbecues, good tools can level up your cooking and make the whole cooking experience more fun.

You don’t need to be Bobby Flay or Gordon Ramsay to buy yourself that fancy machine. You deserve that Marcato Atlas pasta maker to make your own tagliolini, lasagna and fettuccine. And yes, you need a set of luxury chef knives that’s more flashy than utilitarian.

How about that airfryer, toaster, and oven in one? Can you just imagine how much you can do with it? So yes to the purchase especially when you get to enjoy 0% installment up to 24 months plus pay later options using your RCBC Bankard!

Reward yourself with a new car 


Perhaps the ultimate gift that you can give yourself this Father’s Day is a new ride. Whether it’s your first car purchase or a much-needed upgrade, a car is a fitting gift to a loving, dedicated, and hardworking father like yourself.

The benefits of owning a car certainly outweigh the drawbacks. Aside from the comfort and convenience (no more ride-sharing and taking public transport), you can make new memories with your family when you go on trips together, or even when you shuttle them around on errands.

It’s a significant expense, one that can impact your monthly budget and cash flow. But come to think of it ― it’s not only you who’s going to benefit from this new car. Which makes it a family purchase, too. How can you say no to the comfort and safety of your family?

You know you deserve a car that’s as reliable, no-fuss, and as good-looking as you. But maybe you’ve been holding off on this purchase because there are more urgent things that need to be paid. That’s perfectly understandable.

However, if you know what car you want and how much it’s going to cost, you just need a car loan that will make the whole car buying process quicker and easier. Whether you’re looking for comfort, style, and class, or practicality and dependability, you can easily own one with an RCBC Auto Loan.

Check out RCBC’s Auto Loan Plus. It takes care of the important details that car owners often overlook or like to put aside―until it’s car insurance renewal time.

With the RCBC Auto Loan Plus, you can say goodbye to the manual hassles of annual insurance renewals because it automatically comes with car insurance coverage throughout the duration of the loan. To make things even easier, 1-year worth of car insurance premiums are given for free, and that the remaining insurance premiums are payable monthly together with your loan. This means you don’t need to make a big cashout when it’s time to renew your car insurance, and you no longer need to check constantly when your insurance will expire.

These are just some of the things you can get for yourself this Father’s Day. You can’t go wrong with these gift ideas that you can use and enjoy for a long time. And if you want to learn more about RCBC’s products and services, you may visit www.rcbc.com.

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