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WATCH: CCTV footage of Aswang ripping up TRESE poster

Another promotional material for the upcoming Trese anime shows CCTV footage of an aswang ripping up a Trese poster, a series based on the works of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo coming this June 11.

According to poster @kabs4 on Twitter, this footage was shared by their local kagawad.

It features a small aswang creature crawling on all fours and standing upright in front of a poster for Trese which features the voice of Shay Mitchell for the English dub and Liza Soberano for the Filipino dub. After a moment of hesitation (or disgust) the creature rips up the poster from the wall, turns back around and starts walking on all fours once again.

Yesterday, there was another PR stunt that they did featuring the supposed aswangs vandalizing those big Trese billboards with the message telling the young Trese to leave the city because this is their territory…

Oh and don’t forget that the band formerly Up Dharma Down, now known as UDD will be doing the anime series’ song called Paagi.

Check out the official Trese trailer below:

And here’s the English dub version

What do you guys think of the whole Aswang ripping up Trese poster CCTV footage? Pretty great marketing if you ask me. It actually checks off all the boxes for what should be a good marketing strategy. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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