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First Look at Bart Allen’s Impulse costume from the set of CW’s The Flash

CW’s The Flash may be losing some big names from their show but they are certainly getting in fresh faces even if one of them is just going to be a recurring appearance. But hey, this also means that Barry Allen gets to finally meet his son Bart Allen aka The on the show. Here’s our first look at Bart Allen’s Impulse costume on the set!

The set photo was taken in Canada, where the show regularly shoots exterior scenes because of the good background and building. And we can see the actor Jordan Fisher with Bart Allen’s Impulse costume.



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Comic book fanboys and fangirls take note though that the CW made some big changes to Bart Allen and even XS for that matter. In the TV series, both XS and Impulse are Barry and Iris’ kids from the future. HOWEVER, in the comics, they are Barry Allen and Iris West Allen’s grandchildren. They were the son and daughter of the Tornado Twins aka Don Allen and Dawn Allen.

What do you think of Bart Allen’s Impusle costume for CW’s The Flash? Love it or hate it? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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