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Andrea Brillantes and gamer AkoSi Dogie face off in the most epic Rap Battle in Mobile Legends History for the 515 E-party celebration!

The fun continues to level up in the 515 E-party, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s annual global-wide campaign. This year, TV Star, and avid Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gamer Andrea Brillantes joins the celebration as she challenges popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang personality, AkoSi Dogie into an epic Rap Battle as part of the upcoming All-Star Showdown.

AkoSi Dogie versus Andrea Brillantes in Bagsakan Legends: Who can drop the sickest bars?

What started out as a prank, now turned into an all war. Andrea Brillantes, also known by her in-game name, Blythe, pranked AkoSi Dogie into thinking that she doesn’t know how to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In their game, Andrea swapped accounts with H2WO and played using Hayabusa all while making AkoSi Dogie think that she was using another hero. AkoSi Dogie, thinking that H2WO was the one playing his account,  kept on smack talking about H2WO who was actually Andrea Brillantes and things got heated up! Not to be outdone, Andrea Brillantes vowed to be better at the game and told AkoSi Dogie that she will be forming a team to take him on in the Land of Dawn!

But it’s more than just an MLBB match that both personalities are preparing for! Andrea Brillantes and AkoSi Dogie also engage in a Rap Battle as they drop them sick bars and spit fire in Bagsakan Legends, the 515 E-Party All-Star Rap Battle.

Bagsakan Legends also feature Mobile Legends: Bang Bang celebrities, Eruption and ChooxTV with Eruption taking the side of Andrea, and ChooxTV reppin’ the AkoSi Dogie squad.

Which side are you rooting for? Watch the official Bagsakan Legends video (https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsOnlinePH/posts/2252053718281338) released last May 12 on all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Social Media channels.

Watch MLBB’s biggest stars collide!

Of course, it’s not just Andrea Brillantes and AkoSi Dogie that are facing off against each other. Both personalities have drafted the biggest names in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Esports Players, Streamers, and other personalities, to their teams and prepare for a showdown of epic proportions.

Team AkoSi Dogie or Team Andrea Brillantes? Which side are you on!

 Team AkoSi Dogie

  • ChooxTV


  • Hate

  • OhMyV33nus

Team Andrea Brillantes

  • Ribo

  • Rafflesia

  • Z4pnu

  • Eruption


These players will not just engage in your standard 5v5 battle but also in 1-on-1 matches. The first match will be a 1v1 featuring the Pro Players, followed by a 1v1 with all of the players, and then the classic 5v5 match.

Who will take the W? Witness the two teams battle it all out in the Land of Dawn in the 515 E-Party MLBB All-Star show match this coming May 22 (6:00 PM)!

Together by S.T.U.N. Music Video

This year’s 515 E-Party celebration also introduced Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s newest virtual group, S.T.U.N. More than just a skin line, S.T.U.N. also brought us the theme song of this year’s 515 E-Party titled “Together”.

Last May 9, 2021 fans watched the official Music Video of “Together” as it went live on all official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Social Media channels. Fans can still rewatch and sing-along to the official music video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW_bjlhHnQI

Celebrate the 515 E-Party!

During the 515 E-party, waves of rewards will be given away.

  • Free new hero from May 1 – May 16

  • Free 515 Exclusive skin from May 13 – May 31

  • Awesome skin chest and limited skin comeback from May 11 to May 20

  • Guaranteed free elite skins from May 15 to May 17

  • Players can win all heroes and skins on May 15

  • Diamonds to be given away during the 515 event and players can win up to 9999 diamonds by inviting friends to join

  • Discount coupons to be given away until May 16

  • S.T.U.N. skins out by April 27 until June 15

  • 55% off on MLBB in-game items from May 12 to May 16

Fans and gamers can unlock more surprises by simply logging in to the game. To learn more about this year’s 515 E-party and get more exciting updates, make sure to follow Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsOnlinePH/.

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