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Here’s some CM Punk and Kenta exchange words over Go to Sleep finisher

Some bit of CM Punk news for us today with this little ditty over the Go to Sleep finisher and the two pro wrestlers who made a living out of it.

The former WWE champion responded to a tweet that mentioned him about his finisher, the GTS, being used in the indies.

Punk, real name Phil Brooks, responded saying they need to buzz the other guy, who happens to be former WWE talent and current NJPW star Kenta.

Kenta on Twitter then responded also on the social media platform saying he’s super excited to see the move being used by other wrestlers.

Except for CM Punk.

If you remember sometime ago, Punk and KENTA had been exchanging words over the use of the GTS at various points in time.

Still seeing both endorse other wrestlers using the move its definitely a good thing.

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