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Marvel’s Avengers game Hawkeye expansion getting Ronin costume in-game

Marvel and Square Enix has released a new video which focuses on Hawkeye and another optional costume players can get – the Ronin costume.

Here’s what the game’s Twitter account wrote about the Ronin costume/DLC.

Clint first took on the Ronin disguise in New Avengers #27 (2007) when the sword-wielding assassin wanted a break from his previous identity.

Ronin was an important step in Hawkeye’s history, and a fan favorite, which meant we needed to nod to it in Marvel’s Avengers! ⚔️

Not a fan of the game but we can certainly admire the quality of the renders for the costume.

Also for a moment I really thought I was looking at a new update for Ghost of Tsushima.

Or even another update for Mortal Kombat 11 like this very Scorpion-esque post.

Get over here


The new DLC is due this month and will also feature the future version of the Hulk called The Maestro. 


Also let me just note here that there were at least three diffrent men and women who wore the Ronin costume for awhile. Maya Lopez, the deaf vigilante Echo wore it first followed by Clint when he came back to life and joined the New Avengers and then Blade when he was a member of the Al Ewing written Mighty Avengers team. The Ronin costume was also seen in Avengers: Endgame when Clint hunted down criminals post-Snap.

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