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Black Clover chapter 282 reveals Asta’s new form

The recent Black Clover chapter 282 has finally given readers a look at possibly the most powerful form for Asta!

Learn more about Asta’s latest power upgrade after the cut.

Black Clover chapter 282 officially reveals the form Asta refers to as the Devil Union form.

Unlike other forms he’s taken in the past, this form takes over pretty much all of our main character’s body. He’s decked in black, still clutching his sword and grimoire and has horns and a tail signifying that this is definitely coming from a demon. The five leaf clover is also visible in his chest and he’s got sick looking wings.

The only drawback also revealed in chapter 282 is the fact that Asta can only use the power for a maximum of five minutes. It’s precious time to defend his town and it’s inhabitants and also inspire some of the onlookers whom he’s dealt with in the past. More importantly, it inspires his family into showing their support. 

Once he’s cut down his massive opponent, Asta exclaims that he’s going to the Spade Kingdom and deal with them. Either way, we can expect more action in the coming chapters of the manga.

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