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Did The Simpsons predict US Vice President Kamala Harris’ attire for the inauguration and more?

The Internet just loves to connect things together and one of the favorite topics to connect around is how The Simpsons kept on predicting things to come and in this case how fairly close US Vice President Kamala Harris’ attire was to an episode of the show.

kamala harris lisa simpson

I saw this episode a bunch of times already and I think there was also the mention of Donald Trump being the president but man, the whole thing about Lisa Simpson growing up to be a politician and having her clothes reflect those that the new vice president was wearing for her inauguration into the office was just freaky.

lisa simpson the simpsons

Or maybe not.

Maybe Kamala Harris’ stylist or stylists saw the episode and just went “You know what would freak out people online?” and then gave these clothes to Harris.

Here’s another one involving Tom Hanks and his partnership with the US Government too…

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