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New WandaVision Posters continues to be cryptic

The cryptic nature of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision continues to trickle down i to the new WandaVision posters that have been released today.

Wandavision poster

The first poster continues on the 60s trend with Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff wearing the period’s ideal dress for housewives. It also talks about signals that are smooth and also has allusions to being a dream.

The signal could refer to a number of things from the show like the TV sitcom which is the general feel for the whole situation Wanda and Vision find themselves in. Signal could also refer to the not-so mysterious signals that have been trying to get into Westview from episode 2 which is obviously the voice of Randal Park’s Jimmy Woo.

Dream could also mean the whole dream like scenario Wanda has cooked up the moment they rolled into Westview.

Then lets check out the WandaVision poster featuring Paul Bettany’s Vision.

Wandavision poster paul bettany

This one kind of got me. Made in the shade could mean a number of things. Made in the shade could refer to Vision’s creation back in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ultron intended to use Vision as a new vessel.

Shade could also mean the way Vision has been brought back. He could be a machination from the series baddie as well as Kathryn Hahn’s character Agnes to help create “the children”.

At this point in the series there’s still so many questions for the series. Maybe we get to uncover more clues and details this friday when episode 3 comes out on Disney Plus.

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