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Barbie is Trending today because apparently she has a girlfriend now from 2017

I logged in to Twitter this evening (@thefanboyseo) to find out that the iconic Barbie is trending because apparently she now has a girlfriend and this reportedly came from an official shoot from Mattel.

And the even bigger surprise is people are freaking out about an article, no a screenshot for an article that was published back in 2017.

Click on the story about Barbie having a girlfriend HERE

That’s totally fine, nothing wrong with that. I’m more concerned at how slow people have picked up on this story. I vaguely remember getting this in my radar and then its suddenly back. Heh. Must be a slow day.

Anyway, yeah, Barbie had a girlfriend but then again they are following a narrative these days so its back to the classic Ken pairing. I did find this tweet funny.

Here are some late reactions from Twitter

And some fans just had to put it their K-Pop stans

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