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Combatron: Project Phoenix Game Delayed to February 2021

Locally made game Combatron: Project Phoenix based on the cult-favorite Combatron series by Berlin Manalaysay has been pushed to a February 2021 release.

The game’s developer Caotic Pixel Studios posted this earlier today:

Surprise, everyone! Here’s the latest Combatron: Project Phoenix Teaser / Announcement. Yeah, we know that this is several hours too late; but it’s better late than never!

TLDR: the release of the game will be moved to February; BUT, that is because we will be releasing the game on mobile, too! This has been most requested ever since the beginning so we’re giving it to you!

Aside from that, some of you pointed out that the graphics of the previous demo looked too much like a typical Flash Game; so why not trace Combatron’s roots and go retro! The game will now sport 16-bit graphics similar to games from the SNES era! A perfect style fit for our 90’s hero!
We’ve also improved the gameplay greatly; and we’ve integrated preliminary graphics for the bosses that won our previous contest!

Exciting times ahead! Stay Caotic, guys!

So not only are they polishing the game they are also developing a version for mobile phones. This sounds really good and I’m down to help spread the word.

Oh and check out the original post from the developer’s Facebook page (give them a like too while you’re at it).


Combatron, created by Berlin Manalaysay, appeared in Funny Komiks together with other classic Pinoy titles like Planet op di Eyps and Viktar Starkid. Do you even remember characters like Super Blag or Eklok?

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