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More Images surface for Marvel Legends Retro Rogue and Retro Gambit

Check out more photos that recently popped up of advance copies of the Marvel Legends Retro Rogue and Marvel Legends Retro Gambit action figures from Hasbro!

It was announced months back that Hasbro would be releasing a brand new 90’s Rogue figure; an update of sorts for their Juggernaut Wave Rogue ML figure. You can check out the photos shared by toy collectors who got their hands first on this figure.

The tl;dr is that we get new sculpt and more articulation plus some accessories. Plus we also have a different card and packaging for this version of the Rogue figure.

Check out the figure below.

As a bonus, we also have a look at the Marvel Legends Retro Gambit figure.

What do you think? Is this a cop or a drop? Also hopefully this release decreases the prices of the Juggarnaut wave in the reseller market.

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