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How to Add Flair to Your Photography with the Huawei Y7a Quad Cameras

Contrary to popular belief, ‘gram-worthy pics and selfies take a bit more effort than what online stars would have you believe. It’s not just about tilting the phone at every conceivable angle for a flattering pouty face or a perfect foodie spread, it’s knowing how to tweak the elements at one’s disposal to achieve a certain effect. However, not everyone’s an uber-professional camera virtuoso, but young shutterbugs can definitely take the right step using the Huawei Y7a and the Huawei Y7a Quad Cameras.

Quadruple the fun with Quad AI Cameras

Multiple camera systems are usually found at the upper tier of smartphone hierarchies, but the Huawei Y7a stands out by providing FOUR AI-powered cameras right out of the bat. The 48MP high-res + 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle + 2MP Depth + 2MP Macro combination all tie in together to form a supreme photography package at a ridiculously affordable price point.

Such versatility opens up many ways to have fun with a smart camera system, but here are four nifty ones for starters:

Play with scale

Showing how huge or tiny a particular subject is better achieved through contrast; that is, including a specific element for scale. For instance, photographing a friend behind a huge structure using the Y7a’s Ultra-Wide Angle lens can demonstrate the sheer size of said structure.

Off-center macros

While symmetry is beautiful indeed, close-up details of subjects like faces, flowers, and finely-crafted objects are better emphasized through off-center focus. This trick adds more drama in certain shots, making for a magazine-worthy frame especially with the dedicated Macro camera on the Y7a.

Depth with distance

Bokeh shots are a lot more effective and authentic when the subject is far enough from the background. The Y7a’s Depth camera can apply the perfect blur even with complex backdrops as long as the foreground is far apart enough.

Embracing shadows and Super Night Mode

Don’t be afraid to play in the dark, especially with the 8MP selfie camera on the Huawei Y7a. Simply activate the Circular Flash function on the phone and use the shadows to convey a variety of selfie moods – apply a monochrome filter for an extra layer of artistry.


These are just a few fun and simple tips to utilize that AI Quad Camera System, and the creative possibilities are almost endless with enough imagination. Judging by the countless viral TikToks, colorful Kumu personalities, and aesthetic Instagrammers these days, young people are plenty imaginative.


Feature-packed smartphone package

The Huawei Y7a isn’t just camera wizardry though – it’s got a bounty of features that lets users do more of what they love. Equipped with a 500mAh battery and 22.5W SuperCharge tech, the Y7a lasts a full day on a single charge and tops right back up in a matter of minutes. The 6.67-inch FHD+ Display meanwhile, pushes visual immersion to the furthest edges of the device for uninterrupted viewing. In terms of storage space, there’s a whopping 128GB on board for photos, videos, and games, while the 4GB of RAM ensures plenty of open apps are kept in memory ready to be accessed.

The Huawei Y7a is not only a great-value smartphone – it’s a statement by the younger generation that creative lifestyles are not bound by price ranges. Pre-order the Huawei Y7a (SRP Php 8,999) today online via the Huawei Store, Lazada, and Shopee, or offline at Huawei Experience Stores and various retail partners.

To know more about HUAWEI Y7a, you may check out this link: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/phones/y7a/

To pre-order via Huawei Store and experience the Huawei Y7a Quad cameras, Lazada and Shopee, you may check out these links:

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