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Hollywood, Nadine Lustre as Josie Rizal may be the perfect casting yet!

Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre as Josie Rizal from Tekken is trending around social media because she looks like the perfect fit for the Filipina Tekken character!

There’s one specific photo that went online via Andrei Suleik’s Instagram account showing the photographer prepping a shoot with the actress who is seen wearing a Josie Rizal costume. You can check it out below:


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Kya and Ate Josie off duty. 🎃

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The costume was made by Christian Mark Sevilla Rodil who had previous work with Mayor Isko Moreno for his Doctor Strange costume some time ago. This was also the apparently a collaboration between Rodil’s creating firm and Blackcode Clothing, a Manila-based clothing line.

About Josie Rizal

Here are details about Josie lifted from the Tekken wikipedia page:

Details are really sketchy but consider this a tease for the actual finished product. We should be expecting the finished work on Suleik’s social media in one form or another anytime soon.

Having been a big cry baby since she was very young, her parents who were big fans of martial arts insisted that she train martial arts. Despite her reluctance at first, she later became accustomed to training kick-boxing to live up to her parent’s expectations although it hasn’t cured her from being a cry baby.

Making a living by being a kick-boxer and a model, she was on track to helping the household until a large typhoon in the country ravaged her home and creating widespread damage.

To offer aid relief to the ravaged country, the Tekken Forces from Mishima Zaibatsu came to help out those affected and Josie was inspired to become a Tekken Force member. After that, she set out to join the Tekken Forces by taking their employment examination.

It was also revealed that she balanced two jobs to help her family namely as a model and as a professional kickboxer. She also aimed to become a member of Tekken Force which she was preparing for at the start of the game’s story.

You can catch Josie and the rest of the Tekken fighters with Tekken 7 which is still available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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