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Batman # 101 Spoilers – Batman vs Grifter

So if you ever wanted to see a fight between Batman and Grifter, then Batman # 101 would be the ideal issue to pick up as James Tynion IV and the rest of the creative team found a way to have a Batman vs Grifter scene in this issue which picks up after the event of Joker War.

I got say I love the art for these pages. This is definitely a Batman that’s down on his luck and is wearing the traditional cloth costume as opposed as to when we met him during the start of the New 52 or how he was when he re-emerged from his amnesia back in Scott Snyder’s Endgame storyline.

And we know that this transformation back to the old school Batman was partly caused by that accident that almost killed Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.

Anyway, having them duke it out hand to hand is pretty good but without the right prep time Batman’s just getting a bit pushed a little.

Too bad though that this fight ended prematurely with Grifter getting his ass handed to him and then subsequently pulling a gun.

Later after his meeting with Lucius Fox, Batman and Grifter meet again.

Batman mentions HALO to Grifter which means he knows a thing or two about the ancient battle between the Kherubim and the Daemonites; probably a reference to the WildCATS too, a team that Grifter is part of.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Justice League/WildCATs crossover in the future drawn by Jim Lee no less. Please let that happen DC Comics!

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