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The City of Manila Launches its own eSport League callled PNEL

The City of Manila recently introduced their own eSport League which they named Philippine National eSports League or PNEL which is set to launch October 2020!

This league calls itself “The Philippine eSports Authority” as well as “The First” apparently. Check out what they placed on their website:

And here’s the scope of their activities…

Community Based Tournaments

Young and those young at heart alike are part of the global wave towards esports or online gaming. This industry is bigger than Hollywood and no one can stop it!

What better way to create unity, fun thru PNEL’s professionally managed events. Being united and together as one Barangay and one community. This is our mission at PNEL – bring communities closer to each other thru esport games.

“The Final Cup” Launch!

PNEL is short for Philippine National ESports League.  A duly registered corporation with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines.  

12 October 2020 is the launch of “The Final Cup”; PNEL’s nationwide series of nationwide tournaments which culminates into the national finals fitting the best among the best in the country.

Nationwide Esports Campaign

Unknown to many, esports is now officially recognized as a formal “sport” in the SEA/Asian Games and expected to be at the 2024 Olympic games.  PNEL is leading the way in educating our country about esports and the mission is to develop esports at the grassroots level to eventually be able to create an internationally competitive Philippine national esports team!

They even have “Yorme” Isko Moreno added into the fray apparently.

I honestly loved every moment the OP destroyed this “league” or event.

What do you guys think of PNEL? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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