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Canva Philippines joins Digital Bayanihan Initiative of BounceBack movement to build the Philippines’ Digital Human Capital Backbone

Manila, 04 August 2020 – To help the Philippines bounce back from the pandemic, Canva Philippines joins the Digital Bayanihan Initiative (DBI) of the BounceBack Global Movement that aims to train 10 million entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders in government and private sector. The DBI will build the Philippines’ Digital Human Capital Backbone by enabling Filipinos to acquire world-class validated digital competencies that will empower them to become resilient and bounce back better than ever from the crisis.

“We welcome the partnership with the BounceBack movement as both our organizations aspire to help Philippine leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators to thrive within and after the pandemic,” Yani Hornilla-Donato, Canva Philippines country manager said. “Canva shares the goal of the Digital Bayanihan Initiative to empower Filipinos and it aligns with our core belief that being a force for good, we are actively working towards a world that isn’t just good for a small few, but one that is good for everyone.”

“We thank Canva Philippines for signing up as the Official Creative Platform Partner of the BounceBack Global Nation, as well as the first Institutional Partner of the Digital Bayanihan Initiative,” said Jason Dela Rosa, BounceBack Founder. “As our Creative Platform Partner, Canva will help our team with all of our strategic creative requirements across all of our digital platforms.”

BounceBack will integrate the courses in Canva’s Design School to strengthen the creative competencies of BounceBack Academy’s certification programs such as the Certified Digital Entrepreneur, Certified Digital Educator, etc. Canva and BounceBack will be launching a Canva Certified Digital Creative certification program that aims to ensure that the quality of digital professionals are anchored and validated on world-class creative competencies.

“We’re stoked that Canva has joined us to drive the digital creativity of our entrepreneurial community through their world-class design platform,” added Sam Jacoba, BounceBack Co-Founder and DBI Lead. “Filipinos are very creative and with Canva’s guidance, entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders in government and private sector will exponentially drive the full digital transformation of institutions in the country.”

“Digital design is one of the most sought-after skills in the world today,” said Donato. “Infused with the holistic competency framework of BounceBack, the design discipline that participants will acquire from Canva’s Design School will allow them to produce an extensive portfolio of work that will help them succeed in their respective organizations.”

As institutions move towards the new online normal, digital creatives will be one of the key building blocks of their digital workforce.

“There are a lot of free webinars now, but there are only a few that offer independent and transparent confirmation on the efficacy of the training content,” Jacoba explained. “With the Canva-BounceBack partnership, Filipino digital leaders, entrepreneurs and educators now have access to world class digital creative training and certification content.”

For partnership inquiries on the BounceBack Digital Bayanihan Initiative and the BounceBack Canva Certified Digital Creative, send email to partners@bounceback.ph. For inquiries on BounceBack Academy’s Digital Certification programs, send email to academy@bounceback.ph.

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