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The Death of The Batman Who Laughs – Dark Nights Death Metal # 1 Spoilers

We’re trying to catch up with the events of DC Comics’ Dark Nights Death Metal # 1 and we got our first shocker; the death of the Batman Who Laughs!

A quick recap.

Perpetua won the Doom War and has sent the 52 worlds into chaos eating them and/or killing them. The Batman Who Laughs gets top position after promising Perpetua access to the Dark Multiverse to make her stronger. She in turn makes the evil Joker/Batman hybrid her second in command. Wonder Woman and the heroes are kept alive barely with Diana becoming the new warden of the underworld or the Queen of the Underworld. During her stint, she encounters a new and mysterious prisoner who turns out to be Wally West; alive and having a bit of Doctor Manhattan’s powers.

They draw out a plan to make things right with the help of a rogue Batman who has plans of his own and Superman who has been imprisoned in New Apokolips and being exposed to the Anti-Life equation. It’s during this planning that the Batman Who Laughs appears and gives Wonder Woman a slightly better offer.

And because this is Wonder Woman she opts to fight than stand down. Also remember she an Amazon and Amazons do not do well with slavery and captivity for too long. So this we get front row view into the death of the Batman Who Laughs.

This invisible chainsaw with some of Manhattan’s energies imbued into it was the  thing that Diana was working on at the start of  the story as well  as one of the promotional images they used when they started hyping up the series.

Interestingly enough, this was the Batman Who Laugh’s  plan  all along to push through the next  phase of his plan.

At least we won’t be seeing him for a little  while. Sure will miss that guy.

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