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Esports industry-player Gariath Concepts opens new content channel, The Lobby

Creator of ESGS, PGF, and Rev Major joins the content creation scene with new content publishing channel called The Lobby!

Quezon City, Philippines: Gariath Concepts, one of the biggest esports and gaming organizations in the Philippines, has just announced the creation of its new content channel on multiple online platforms, called The Lobby.

Gariath Concepts opens the newest content channel in the Philippines – The Lobby

Gariath Concepts is one of the many companies that had their business compromised by the Covid-19 pandemic. But being forced into a corner did not faze the Eastwood City based corporation. Instead, the situation made them a bit more creative. 

With on-ground events seemingly cancelled due to government restrictions for the rest of the year and most of its employees working miles apart, Gariath Concepts temporarily closed up its studio, abandoned the event halls, and opened up shop online with their own online content publishing channel, “The Lobby”. 

It proved natural for the industry-mover to add content to their repertoire, having done it behind the scenes for quite some time but for clients such as The Nationals, Garena, NBA2K, TV5, and many more. And because the territory is not exactly grayed out, creating accessible entertainment became Gariath’s way of connecting with their esports and gaming communities who are observing social distancing at home. 

Gariath Concepts Managing Partner Richard Brojan said that the move made perfect sense at the perfect time. “When businesses got affected [by the pandemic], our thoughts went straight to the people” Brojan recalls. “It’s not just our employees, but the talents we hire, the players, the community. We needed to do something for them. And it made us think of ‘what else…’ and ‘what if…'” 

The Lobby kicks 2020 off with two new shows – Rage Quiz and Scream Stream

By utilizing the untapped passions and talents of their employees, as well as the esports and gaming personalities they work with, Gariath challenged themselves in creating new experiences online to cater to the communities they have always cared for. 

Last June 17, Gariath uploaded the very first content pilot for their series, “Scream Stream” – a horror game review series featuring content creator, Gloco. The release was then followed by “Rage Quiz”, a weekly live quiz show hosted by shoutcaster, Manjean Faldas that pits esports and gaming personalities against each other in a battle of brains. 

“This is a new and quite competitive area that we chose to explore,” says Brojan “But this is a quest we are excited and more than ready to take on.” 

More new content is pegged for release at The Lobby in the coming months. 

For more info on The Lobby, visit the following links: 

  1. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thelobbyph/ 2. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheLobbyPH/ 

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