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First Look: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Box Art

Here’s our first Look at the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Box Art for the PlayStation 5.

The box features our new arachnid hero swinging on his web and getting ready to punch an unlucky individual with his signature venom blast.

Insomniac Games and PlayStation Studios revealed the game a month or so ago during the PlayStation 5 event online. We know right now is that the game will focus on Miles Morales. Morales had a prominent role in Spider-Man PS4 and now is looking to show people what he’s got.

The guys at Insomniac Games has also pointed out that the game is a spinoff and not a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed PS4 game. This could mean that Peter Parker could be relegated to a cameo anywhere in the game.

What do you guys think of this Spider-Man Miles Morales Box art?


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