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J&T Express Philippines apologizes for recent handling of items after Duterte’s Comments

J&T Express Philippines has released an official statement regarding the recent controversy surrounding a video that went viral where a bunch of employees were caught on camera just throwing away packages into  the container truck that would transport.

Brand Manager Leonardo Alampay (Left) and J&T Express Philippines Vice President Zoe Chi (Right)

Here’s what J&T Express Philippines Vice President Zoe Chi stated about the matter:

We appreciate the concern expressed by the President towards our customers’ welfare as well as the well-being of our many partners and employees.

Furthermore, we will cooperate with the government in any investigation that it will conduct. We are committed to improving our services for the benefit of the public.

J&T Express Philippines Brand Manager Leonardo Alampay also added:

In the event that the parcel is damaged, they can be identified in our facility, be traced and accounted for either in our branches, warehouses and down to the very name of the rider who delivers these parcels to their recipient.

Any parcel that is lost, no matter how improbable that might be regarding the system that we are using, they (customers) can be compensated for justly and fairly through our claim system.

They were also called out in a recent monologue on TV by president Rodrigo Duterte (which was also getting a bit of flak).

Here’s to hoping that  they get to fix their performance as well as how their employees’ handle their customers’ products. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more trending news and updates!

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