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Review: Hanggang Kailan

Here’s my review for the film Hanggang Kailan starring Xian Lim and Louise de los Reyes.

Kath and Donnie are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary in Japan and decides to end their relationship when the trip ends.

This 2019 film talks about infidelity and love. I liked the way the movie is grounded in Kath and Donnie’s Japan adventure as part of their anniversary and then go further and further back in time to explore the relationship and how it grew.

I like from the get go that they explained that Kath is “the other woman” and that Donnie doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend causing so much pain and suffering for both of them.

While the drama is solid from both Xian Lim and Louise, it doesn’t fly too high because for me I feel like there’s not that much chemistry between them. Don’t get me wrong though, it tugs in the heart that these two can’t be together anymore.

I was hoping for a bit of retribution or punishment on Xian for being the cheating bastard. The movie downplays that segment and instead chooses to make it more on the slow goodbye between the two lovers as they know its their last days together as a couple.

The movie then drags on about the things that makes them long for each other, things that make them love each other and things that are pulling them apart. But its done and written as a supposed “kilig” way. Alas, it doesn’t work for me. Maybe for other viewers but definitely not for me.

The good thing about Hanggang Kailan is that it gives us a glimpse into the life of these two lovers in the most important time in their lives; a time when imminent change is happening and heartbreak is coming their way. I also like the way they framed everything in Japan and how interaction with other people are kept to the bare minimum.

Verdict: 7/10

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