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Renee Young Announced is COVID-19 positive on Twitter

WWE’s Renee Young isn’t catching a break between her show WWE Backstage getting cancelled and her getting COVID-19 which she revealed on Twitter.

Here’s a screenshot of her Tweet on social media.

And despite the severity of her condition right now, it looks like she’s taking it with a positive attitude.

So just to catch up, Young was one of the host of Fox’s WWE Backstage together with a returning CM Punk and Paige. They haven’t taped a new episode since the lockdown which may have probably contributed to the decrease in views, which in turn was rumored to be the reason for the cancellation.

This was also the reason why we won’t be seeing Young’s husband Jon Moxley formerly Dean Ambrose anytime soon in an All Elite Wrestling or AEW ring. A recent story went online that the Mox is doing self-quarantine after he had been exposed to somebody that’s COVID-19 positive. At the time the story was released, they did not name who that person was but because of Young’s admission, we know who Moxley was in contact with. Good news for the former Shield member is that he’s in a good condition and just following on the standard practices when dealing with the coronavirus.

We wish both Renee Young and Jon Moxley a speedy recovery and we also echo their statements about washing hands and practicing social distancing in this time of the pandemic.

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