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REVIEW: The Last Days of American Crime

Here’s my review for the film The Last Days of American Crime which stars Edgar Ramirez, Anna Brewster and Michael Pitt. It’s directed by Oliver Megaton.

The film is based on the comic book series written by Rick Remender and Greg Tochini and follows the exploits of Graham Bricke as he does one last score in US soil before the government activates a new technology that inhibits US citizens from even thinking of committing crime.

Along the way, he falls in love with his co-conspirator and gets embroiled in a bit of mystery on what happened to his brother Rory in prison.

The plot had a fresh take on heist genre action. Who wouldn’t want to do the biggest score before the end of crime in America and retire with big money to boot.

Sadly the problem with the movie is pretty much everything. You have the usual trope of a voiceover, some sexy music some hard-boiled grit and a lot of violence. They never even bothered to elevate those tropes or find a new way to attack it.

The film is also generally dragging. Like I willed myself to finish the movie just to write the review for The Last Days of American Crime. You can really see that they wanted to make a statement with the visuals but they do not really matter.

The cast is also ho-hum. Edgar Ramirez tries his best to be the live action version of Bricke but he doesn’t cut it. He still exudes an air of violence and mystery. Too bad that doesn’t really make him a great lead.

We do have better luck with Michael Pitt here who was really committed to bring justice to Kevin Cash, the crazy man who thinks he started this crazy heist. Pitt’s performance was riddled with brilliance and madness.

There’s just too many variables in this movie that tried to be cool but failed miserably. Really such a waste of the film’s source material. Could have been greater had they did more revisions to the screenplay.



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