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Acer Predator Removes ZenPro from their lineup

Bit of news from the world of streaming and esports as it’s been announced that streamer ZenPro has been removed from Acer Predator’s lineup of players.

In a post they.shared on their official Facebook page, the brand has stated this:

So the tldr here was that he was looking for editors who can splice his videos with a specific requirement and would pay them php200 for every video that gets made.

Here’s the original post which was screenshot and then went viral.

I posted a sanitized version of this on the page but we’ll, the truth came out eventually. He deleted the post but did a rebuttal while streaming his PUBG game where he aired his side.

IMHO had he apologized and kept mum on the issue he would not have gotten into more problems. But hey that’s his choice and his actions. Or even if he aired his side, having a dismissive tone didn’t help him win allies or supporters.

Still with hundreds of followers on his account, this wouldnt be a hurdle for him. Hope he does learn a lesson about all this.

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