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5 Things we need to see in Justice League Dark

It’s been revealed that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot will be doing Justice League Dark for HBO Max so we best thought that we go through our wish list of things to see in this series. Here are 5 things we need to see in Justice League Dark!

justice league dark

Take note that this post may contain spoilers from the vast books of JLD. Thread with caution.

1. The Trinity

First off, we need to see the so-called “Dark Trinity” as early as episode 1. Or at least have episode 2. We need to see the formation of Dark team with the main figures. Would be cool too to have Zatanna be the “Superman” of the trio while Constantine or Connie would be the Wonder Woman. These three have such history together, especially in the New 52 era so it would be nice to see those backstories and thread explored in live-action format.

4. Matt Ryan as Constantine again

it’s such a shame that they put the “Constantine” TV show to pasture so early in the game. But it was a great thing to learn later that actor Matt Ryan (who also did voiced and mo-capped Edward Kenway for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag) got more gigs after NBC cancelled the show. He appeared in Arrow and has even become a part-timer for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. So it wouldn’t hurt anybody if they put him in Justice League Dark too right?

3. Classic Zatanna not Biker chic Zatanna

Zatanna had an iconic costume entering the New 52 but when they started JLD, this whole costume was changed. We go from Las Vegas magician and superheroine into a biker girl with a penchant for fishnets in the different place.

So in the TV series, we’re hoping that they bring back the classic costume. I’m thinking they can make some modifications here and there but ditch the leather pants and high heels. It did not work with Wonder Woman and neither should it work with the magical powerhouse.

2. Revolving door of members

The first version of “Dark” had a revolving door of characters through the first volume. Sure the constants are the series’ trinity. But you can’t do a story solely on just Zatanna, Constantine and Deadman. You need supporting characters to make them shine. And thank god for DC Comics because they have an army of B-List and C-List characters that can be used to make an appearance time and time again. Who knows, we could be seeing DC’s next big star down the line.

1. Impressive threats

With each volume of Justice League Dark we are introduced to new threats of mystical origins. I want to see that in the TV series. I’d like to see the horror stuff set in the DC Universe and I want to see the stakes getting raised each time these threats appear. I also want to see villains and baddies from other books make an appearance in the series like Trigon from “Titans” doing his side hustle and messing with the Justice League Dark.

So there you go. 5 Things we need to see in Justice League Dark! What’s your pick or what do you want to see? Leave a comment or follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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