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Funko Launches their very own Funko Soda with Freddy Funko Figure!

Let it be said that Funko just wants to continue to get in the game of F&B or Food and Beverage and they are slowly inching towards that goal. No, they never said outright that they want in on that but the products they churn out are definitely saying otherwise. Check out the very first Funko Soda which comes with another Freddy Funko figure!

So far what we know is that the product is available on the official Funko website and will feature the standard Funko soda together with a new Freddy Funko figure, the company’s mascot and one of the tell-tale signs that a particular pop would become valuable.

If you’re buying based on value, here’s another reason to snap up this one. It’s the first release for the product so down the line, completists would be looking for this. No word yet if local dealers would be getting this soda.

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