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RITM makes mistake in COVID-19 Test for Congressman Erick Yap

It looks like the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine or RITM has made a big mistake in the COVID-19 test for Congressman Erick Yap.

There was a statement that was released showing that the facility had made a mistake on their test for the Congressman. It was apparently a “clerical error”.

This report was also verified and shared by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

This in turn was shared on the publication’s Twitter account. Here’s an extra “resibo”

Yap is the Congressman representing the ACT-CIS Partylist!

The test was done for a number of.reasons which may or may not include recent photos showing him together with COVID-19 positive Koko Pimentel. Regardless though, the initial result that was shared to the public reveals that Yap was positive with the novel coronavirus or NCOV or COVID-19.

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