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Pornhub Premium is now Free to encourage people to stay indoors

Mashable reports that Pornhub is currently making the Pornhub premium service into a free service to help people stay inside their homes during the global threat of the coronavirus aka the COVID-19!


It’s a rather humanitarian reason for the adult streaming company who is one of the biggest and most-recognizable brands today. Prior to this, the company had also given out 50,000 masks for COVID-19 healthworkers and frontliners who are working round the clock to prevent the spread of the virus.

Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub stated in a press release:

With nearly one billion people in lockdown across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we lend a hand and provide them with an enjoyable way to pass the time. We hope by expanding our offer of free Pornhub Premium worldwide, people have an extra incentive to stay home and flatten the curve.

How to take advantage?

Apparently its been reported that the website will open a special landing page where users are required to sign up to get premium adult content.

Besides doling out free porn, the site is also helping out performers who have been hurt by the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. For the month of April, Pornhub will offer them 100 percent of their video sales after a processing fee of 15 percent. Their total payout on both Pornhub and the clip site Modelhub will be 85 percent.

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