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Hello Love Goodbye Review

Here’s my late Hello Love Goodbye review which stars Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards and directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina from Star Cinema.

Hello Love Goodbye is another flex of how good Cathy Molina-Garcia is when she’s doing her element. It is also a testament to how great her projects are when she’s working with talented actors and actresses in this case Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards.

I’m really surprised at how much raw chemistry Kathryn and Alden have in this film. I would have to give the award to Kathryn who plays Joy in this film. Not only does she have some really great lines in this film, she also offers some great moments whether by herself or with Alden Richards. Alden also offers great character beats as he plays Ethan. Other notables here are Kakai Bautista and Maymay Entrata who did wonders to lighten up the mood. Also hats off to the ever reliable foils Joross Gamboa and Jeffrey Tam who, as always, makes the scenes more fun.

Another character in this film happens to be Hong Kong itself. Just like other Star Cinema films like “Dubai” and “Milan”, the city offers its own flavor and character. It’s not just a good backdrop but also gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of our “kababayans” working and making a living in Hong Kong as OFWs. It’s through the city and the society that we see how Joy and countless thousands of other “DH”s work hard to send money back to their loved ones back in the country.

The writing for the dialogues are always good. I’ve really got no qualms on that; there are also some great back and forths between the lead stars. And ofcourse, don’t forget that meme.

Story-wise, its got tinges of the traditional Filipino romantic films like problems with the family, self-worth and self-love and the usual cheating parent trope. This day and age, we’ve seen it all and the true test of a good movie is how they can work on those themes. And good to know that HLG definitely did a good job in nailing certain points and elements.

Strong points too for giving a better ending as opposed to the traditional “happy ending”. Props to the creative team and the production team. Great open ending.

Hello Love Goodbye review – Verdict


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