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DCeased Unkillables Jason Todd action figure spotted in Toy Fair 2020

One of the great titles that DC Comics had released recently was the zombie-centric DCeased and a cool spinoff title called Unkillables. And now it looks like there are DCeased action figures coming soon including the fan favorite Red Hood aka Jason Todd.

In the book, Jason Todd makes his glorious appearance to fight the remaining “zombies” on Earth and bands together with some of the baddes mofos in the DC Universe. At this point in the story too, most of the good guys have left the world in a bid to start a new life elsewhere.

So the Unkillables are pretty much dead men and women in their world with no means of escape; that alone is a pretty good story beat to be honest. Going back to the main topic, it looks like the Red Hood figure is still a prototype while the other characters are already past that point like Zombie Superman and Zombie Supergirl.

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