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The Justice League Cameos in Thor # 2

Some bit of spoilers from Thor # 2 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein and part 2 of the story arc “Lightning and Hunger”. And just like the title says, let’s take a look at that time the Justice League cameos in Thor # 2.

So in this second issue for a new volume of Thor, we continue where we left off, with a bit of exposition on who or what the “Black Winter” is. In issue # 1, Galactus explains that he has seen it twice and the second one was really scary even for him. He turns Thor into his new Herald and they launch to space to find the five planets that can massively power up Galactus to help fight back this “winter”.

Now the exposition shows a planet that’s about to be devoured and it looks strangely familiar.

While its not obvious through the panels, this is the typical scene from past Superman books where people look up in the sky and see Superman flying past them and getting ready to fight back whatever threatens the city of Metropolis. This is what’s happening here. You’ll see in the page below that Superman quickly responds, we even see a part of the Daily Planet globe in the foreground.

In the next panel we also see the rest of the Justice League responding to the crisis, we see Flash’s red and yellow streak, Green Lantern’s energy trail and Batman’s shadow swinging behind. Then they die. We then find out that this is in the future or in another reality but its really a dark version of Herald Thor that did this, that killed the planet.

So there you have it! The Justice League cameos in Thor # 2! Go and pick up the book because Donny Cates is going crazy with his ideas here! Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more DC Comics and Marvel Comics news and updates!

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