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Make Valentine’s Day celebrations last a lifetime with Original HP Inks

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s not surprising to see people go the extra mile to send flowers, chocolates and gifts to their loved ones—spouse, child, parent, partner, or friend—if only to show their affection, in the best way they can.

Create heartfelt love letters, greeting cards and posters, and keep special moments alive with pictures that never fade using HP Original inks and printers.

And in today’s digital world, expressing one’s feelings can also be as easy as sending lovely messages through text, email, or even social media posts.

However, nothing beats saying “I love you” in the most romantic way than with a hand-crafted Valentine’s Day greeting card or a love letter penned or printed on a special paper, decorated by pictures and mementos.

More than Valentine’s offerings, these are colorful reminders of precious moments spent together—accompanied by heart-warming messages—which truly serve as a tangible way of expressing one’s undying affection, one that is as real as the love one can shower another person.

That is why many people hold on to their greeting cards, love letters, postcards, pictures, and other printed keepsakes that show how their relationship has grown through the years.

With this red-letter day shared, and knowing how couples, families, and friends would want to hold dear their Valentine’s celebrations, HP has taken more than 500 years of combined experience to develop innovative ink cartridges that use 36,000 drops of ink per second to make a printout last a lifetime, expressly on HP paper.

HP Ink’s superior quality also boasts of vibrant colors in permanent ink that accurately paints a fade-resistant photograph, so people can always look back to their sweet and sincere pictures taken on Valentine’s Day, even years after.

Its trusted quality enables the Original HP Ink to work the first time, every time, so there are no wasted photos of one’s memorable Valentine’s Day celebration. Its fast-drying and anti-curling properties also prevent costly and inconvenient paper jams.

Original HP Ink’s affordability also allows for more prints at a lower cost, so one can make as many Valentine’s Day cards, letters, and photos to share with families and friends, which they can even show their even future children.

With its superb way of reinventing memories that never fade for generations of families to share and enjoy, the HP printer and Original HP Inks are truly the best tools to keep special moments alive. Want to reinvent memories today? Head on over to the nearest HP printer reseller to get an HP DeskJet printer and Original HP Inks that can produce printouts that will last a lifetime.

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