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Two Classic Villains Team up in Batman Superman # 6

As Batman anad Superman pick up the pieces of the the fight with the new Secret Six, trust is starting to become a big deal for the World’s Finest and other heroes in the community including their teammates in the Justice League and more importantly Wonder Woman. Here are Batman Superman # 6 spoilers by Joshua Williamson and David Marquez.

To recap, Batman and Superman manage to stop the Secret Six’s plan but fail to stop the Batman Who Laughs from escaping his prison underneath the Justice League’s Hall of Justice. In issue 6, the two decide to “weaponize transparency” with other heroes taking a leaf from Batman who Laugh’s own way of gathering intel.

They go back to incarcerated Jim Gordon and tell them what they plan to do and the former Commissioner Gordon berates them for losing the game against the evil Batman-Joker hybrid.

Meanwhile in another part of the world, we see two figures talking in one page and through several panels which ultimately reveals another Lazarus Pit.

Turns out The Demon’s Head aka Ras Al Ghul and the recently returned General Zod are forming a new alliance to battle Superman and Batman once more.

Of course this isn’t new but what’s new here is that this splash page is done by the great David Marquez.

I guess we take a break for awhile from the Infected and batman who laughs which is a good thing. Hopefully when they come back, its a bigger and better story arc. Im hankering for more of this stuff apparently.

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