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Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker’s unused villain Tor Vallum

The artbook for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals the unused villain who was supposed to be introduced if Colin Trevorow had his way with the movie and J.J Abrams wasn’t called to finish the trilogy. And that sith master’s name is Tor Vallum.

The artbook contains a lot of the plot from the discontinued Trevorow film which would have been called Duel of Dates which will introduce Tor Vallum at the start. But it does start with the same beat, with Supreme Leader Kylo Ren going to Mustafar to take a holocron that contains the location of Emperor Palpatine.

According to various sources, Tor Valum was supposed to be the Sith equivalent of Yoda, a Sith master who trains Sith in the dark side. The leaked script was also supposed to show the holocron that Kylo Ren was looking for at the start of the movie lead him to Valum before Palpatine.

I have to say this creature is truly good nightmare fuel right there. Not only has he spindly spider legs and is also depicted usually atop a creature’s head.

The artbook presents several takes on the character but either way we look at the designs, it’s still creepy and unsettling.

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