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JoyRide Biker App is getting bombed with 1-syar reviews

The LTFRB’s pride and joy and their anti-Angkas app JoyRide is getting review bombed on the Google Play store.

And it’s not a story of pure hatred or anything. Apparently the app is just riddled with bugs including bugs for registration of new users.

The main point of the reviewers who dropped 1-star rating for the JoyRide app also comes in the form of the difficulty in actually using the application. During launch, Angkas had a working system in check (I used the app during it’s initial phase so I was witness to the strengths and weaknesses). The JoyRide app isn’t ready.

Additional context here is that Angkas was recently hit with a big issue by the LTFRB where they got their 27,000 strong riders dropped to 10,000 with the LTFRB and the Department of Transportation short of calling them monopolists for the motorcycle hailing consumers. The government agency even released an open letter explaining their actions which you can read HERE.

So what do you fanboys and fangirls think of this?

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