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Enjoy a worry-free holiday getaway with discounted Smart GigaRoam until January 6

Flying abroad for the holidays? You are in for an awesome treat as Smart offers discounted GigaRoam promos for prepaid and postpaid subscribers until January 6, 2020.

Under the promo, Smart subscribers traveling in over 100 countries may avail of Smart GigaRoam at a much more affordable price. Subscribe to Smart GigaRoam 999 for only P599 (from the regular price of P999) and enjoy 1 GB of open-access data roaming, valid for 5 days.

For longer vacations or more data needs, subscribers can also register to the newest data roaming offer Smart GigaRoam 3GB with an introductory price of P1599 valid for 15 days (from the regular price of P1999).

Subscribing to a Smart GigaRoam is simple and easy:

  1. When outside the country, turn off  Wifi on your smartphone,
  2. Turn on the mobile data and data roaming in the network settings
  3. On your phone’s browser, go to roam.smart.com.ph
  4. On the page, select Data Packs, then choose the GigaRoam promo you want and suits your needs, and click Subscribe
  5. Now you can enjoy being connected abroad!

With Smart GigaRoam, there’s no need to worry about keeping in touch with your loved ones anytime while you’re out of the country or updating your friends about your vacation in real-time.

You also don’t have to fret about going overbudget—because you choose the GigaRoam promos you subscribe to, you know exactly how much you’re spending. Moreover, the Smart GigaRoam page has a Data Roaming Manager, which lets you monitor your data usage until you have used it up.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-24741

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