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This Star Wars Fan who tackled UNCC Shooter gets immortalized in Star Wars Canon

The brave student who tackled the UNCC shooter during the horrible attack gets the ultimate tribute from Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

Riley’s girlfriend posted this heart-warming post for her boyfriend on social media.

After showing her lovestory with the world, we see just why Riley was loved not just by one person but by the community. He apparently tackled the gunman who had been shooting down the people in the school.

Riley had been a lifelong Star Wars fan…

So when the people from Lucasfilm found out about this, they prepared something very special for the fallen hero.

They used Riley’s name as a new canon character in Star Wars lore and this was how Jedi master Ri-Lee Howell came to be.

So while we may never get to see Jedi Master Ri-Lee Howell onscreen, it’s nice to know that he exists in the Star Wars universe.

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