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Devon Sawa is in The Philippines and he Stans Jollibee

Hollywood actor Devon Sawa is currently in The Philippines and he’s totally going crazy over Jollibee! Check out some screenshots of his tweets while visiting the country.

Good choice on picking Cebu too as Manila’s getting a tad crowded these days, especially with the Christmas season in full effect!

Two days ago, the actor also issued a “threat” to Jollibee, who recently opened their 1200th store along SLEX.

And just yesterday, he finally tweets about his experience with the bee.

Can’t blame him about the crowd, Cebuanos are as crazy as Tagalogs when it comes to Chickenjoy and the Jolly Spaghetti. We’ll keep an eye on this dude’s antics here in the country.

We will end this post however with a trailer for Final Destination…

… as well as his amazing performance for the music video for Stan by Eminem…

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