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New Images for Final Fantasy VII Remake Baddies Shinra, Heidegger and Roche

The official Twitter page for Square Enix’s upcoming game Final Fantasy VII Remake recently released a trio of images featuring some of the game’s baddies including President Shinra himself.

President Shinra was the head of Shinra corporation, the company that has been providing energy for the civilization of Midgar and secretly creating bioweapons and killing the world by draining it of Mako energy.


Heidegger was in charge of military operations and one of the top brass for Shinra Corp.


Roche is a new character added for Final Fantasy VII Remake. He’s apparently a SOLDIER 3rd class and may be up to par with fighting skills with game protagonist Cloud Strife.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set for release 2020 and exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

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