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Limited Edition Golden Jollibee Funko Pop being sold for $500 to $1000 on ebay

The recently concluded Funko Funatic Philippines Christmas Party had a lot of people going gaga over Funko Pops and it was a nice way to celebrate the fandom as well as the product. Its also the biggest gathering of Funko Pop collectors in Metro Manila and even outside. But the real kicker, the real thing of interest here is what they gave away to people who attended the Christmas party, and that’s a limited edition golden version of the Jollibee Funko Pop.

photo: Ken Ernie

It’s shiny, it used the same mold and its definitely worth the P2500 entrance fee to the FFP Christmas Party. And because Pinoys can be business minded in nature, it would follow that there would be some attendees who would opt to sell the Golden Jollibee Funko Pop on the Internet. Check out the ebay selling price by one attendee…

Photo from Margarette Tam.

Here’s the funny thing about the photo, the ebay seller who priced it at $999 may not be aware of the base value. I like the second seller who priced the Golden Jollibee Funko Pop for $500, a more reasonable price for collectors. Geez, its not even vaulted.

Oh well, to each their own. Just giving a heads up to other collectors and fans that this is happening online and mind you, this was, according to the original poster, posted a few hours after the end of the FFP Christmas Party.

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