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Two New Panels to tease Doomsday Clock # 12

As we patiently wait for the final issue of Geoff Johns and Gary Franks’ magnum opus Doomsday Clock # 12, we’re treated to two special panels which was shared on the DC Nation Twitter page.

The first panel you see below features Batman jumping down from the Batwing in a pose and panelling very similar to Nite Owl who jumped to the street from Archimedes.

The second panel that DC Nation unveiled focuses on the second Rorschach, Reggie, as he appears to be looking at a silhouette of two figures. One is obviously Batman and the other one could be someone very familiar to. Could they be bringing back the dead Walter Kovaks aka the original Rorschach for the book’s finale?

The panel above could be one of Reggie’s visions or hallucinations. He has been after all, a survivor of the New York City Squid attack that killed both his parents in Watchmen # 12. This mental instability is also what got him incarcerated where he met the original Moth Man; and when he got to Earth, he was also sent to Arkham Asylum by Bruce Wayne.

Doomsday Clock # 12 is scheduled for release by end of November/ Early December 2019! Its also going to be the culmination of the story of how Doctor Manhattan reshaped the DC universe after his departure at the end of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen graphic novel. We’re also teased with quite possibly a great fight between Manhattan and Superman, whose been royally pissed at all the shenanigans that has happened throughout the book.

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