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Google Officially Closing Google Adsense Mobile

Sad news for bloggers and content creators as Google has officially announced that they are in the process of taking down Google Adsense mobile.

Here’s what they wrote on their email today:

To deliver a richer experience on mobile, we’re investing heavily in creating a responsive web interface.
Our goal is to improve the AdSense mobile experience by giving you more features and functionality much faster than we can today.
As we move towards this goal, we’ll stop supporting the AdSense mobile application over the next few months.
In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the AdSense mobile web experience!

Word on the street is that they have been planning to axe the Google Adsense mobile/app for some time now. SearchEngineLand reported that it would be around June but that never happened.

This would also explain why there are times where you can’t generate data on your earnings and CPCs and other related metrics. I do hope that Google would be working on a new platform side-by-side with dismantling the old Adsense.

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