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Capcom Announces Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Brings Back Gill

Capcom recently made a big announcement for their Street Fighter franchise and brings back one of the fairly popular fighters to be added to Street Fighter V’s already expansive roster and that’s namely the blue-red fighter known as Gill.

For those who are unfamiliar with Gill, he was the main villain/antagonist for Street Fighter III which was also the first game he appeared in. He’s been appearing in various Street Fighter games though just as additional characters and not the entire focus. For Street Fighter V, Gill will be added in as a DLC and will be available for download starting December 2019.

You can check out his gameplay video straight from Capcom below:

And also another thing Capcom has announced is a new version yet again of Street Fighter V, this one will be called Street Fighter V Champion Edition and will feature most of what’s already been released including content from Arcade Edition and a few surprise DLCs. The game will be released February 2020 and they even released an announcement trailer for the game.

And if you already have Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, a $25 download will get you up to date during release date.

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